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Hello everyone.

I just joined.
Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to learn how to figure skate but my mom would never let me even learn to ice-skate. Disney On Ice is performing this week in Tucson and I have been working the shows. (I do security for such events.) Anyway, while at work some lady was passing out free passes to our local ice-skating rink and she gave me some. I can finally take lessons!! *is giddy* (After 18 years of waiting.)

I don't know much about figure skating (except that it is so graceful) so I was wondering how long it took to learn jumps, axles, and such after you first learned to skate.

I don't have dreams of making it into the Olympics or anything. I know I am too old for that. ~lol~ But I do want to show my family that despite them trying to dissuade me, I could learn to ice-skate. (plus my husband seems to think I will succeed at nothing but falling on my ass.) I have plans on taking lessons starting Nov.2 It's a 9 week course. So any beginners advice would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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*Edit* I would be more then happy to help the moderator of this community in putting up a backround image and such. My old lj is druidess and that is about the extent of what I know how to do in modifications. I will even host the image, that's no problem. If you send me a pic that you want for your back round and tell me the color scheme you would like, I would be more then happy to help you out. :)

Contact me via messenger:
AIM: AngelicRain27
Yahoo: AngelSandbothe

Or feel free to email me at or
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